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Mark C. Crowley and Dr. Rollin McCraty

Mark C. Crowley and Dr. Rollin McCraty

“Keep the heart out of leadership” is one of the most enduring axioms in business.

Without a challenge or a doubt, most of us have accepted on face value the belief that it’s best not to connect personally with people who work for us, to demonstrate care for them in any way or to influence them with anything other than our brains and their paychecks.

Consequently, by naming my book, “Lead From The Heart,” I knew going in that my title would draw instinctive sneers from some business leaders.

But in choosing to put myself out there – and to not hide behind an ambiguous title like “A Better Way To Lead” or “A New Paradigm of Leadership for the 21st Century” – I intentionally set out to directly challenge longstanding leadership beliefs.

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