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What people feel in their hearts has profound influence over their motivation & workplace performance.
“In contrast to longstanding management thinking, the heart is the driving force of human achievement, and employee engagement is a decision of the heart.”
– Mark C. Crowley
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Kim Powell: Master Just Four Leadership Behaviors And You Could Be CEO Material

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Podcast 008: Kim Powell

Kim PowellMany of us have it in our mind that very few people (including ourselves) have what it takes to become a CEO. We conjure up images of oversized personalities like Steve Jobs & Jack Welch and assume that’s what a successful CEO looks like.

But in her new best-selling book,“The CEO Next Door,Kim Powell shows us that CEOs like these are really outliers. And not only don’t you need to be a charismatic, extroverted visionary like Jobs and Welch to become a successful CEO, you don’t need an Ivy League degree or an impeccable resumé either.

Leveraging state-of-the-art analytical tools, Powell and her co-author, Elena Botelho, processed the performance of 2,600 executive leaders before concluding that what truly characterizes high-performing chief executives isn’t at all related to their pedigrees or intellect. Instead, what they all had in common was a mastery of four specific leadership behaviors.

Whether it’s your dream to one day run your own company – or if you just want to greatly elevate your own leadership effectiveness, this podcast introduces all four of these important behaviors, and helps you understand how to immediately apply them in your own career.

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Dr. James Doty: Stanford Medical School Professor Says The Heart Matters More Than The Brain In Leadership

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Podcast 007: Dr. James Doty

Dr. James DotyDr. James Doty: Stanford Medical School Professor Says The Heart Matters More Than The Brain In Leadership

As a world-class brain surgeon and Stanford University Medical School professor, Dr. James Doty is nevertheless certain that “the best way of influencing human beings to excel in their jobs is to intentionally and positively affect their hearts.”

These surprising words are found in his New York Times best selling book, “Into The Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest To Discover The Mysteries Of The Brain And The Secrets Of The Heart – and amplify recent medical discoveries that prove the heart plays a far greater role in influencing human behavior than most of us have ever known.

Dr. Doty comes on the podcast to explain how the mind and heart are connected – and what this means for the future of workplace leadership. But as the Director of Stanford’s Center For Altruism And Compassion Research – and a physician to employees in the Silicon Valley, he brings surprising insight into what employees truly want and need in exchange for work. And even though companies like Google and Facebook are known as great places to work, Doty’s take isn’t quite as glowing.

“What people really need and want,” Doty says, “is love.” How he landed on this conclusion is the underlying theme of his discussion with Mark.

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