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Everyone has self-limiting behaviors, for the simple reason that we’re all human. But frequently, what holds women back from obtaining the next raise, promotion or job tends to be different from men.

In their new bestseller, How Women Rise,” legendary leadership coach, Marshall Goldsmith, and Sally Helgesen – the person Forbes Magazine named the world’s top women’s leadership expert – partnered up to explain which bad habits all too frequently hold back women.

But in this podcast that was intentionally designed to benefit all managers, Sally explains why men and women often approach leadership differently, and how their unique set of bad habits can derail their desired growth.

Leveraging a thirty-year career as a researcher and author – while tapping into all she’s learned from Marshall’s four-decades of coaching male executives – Sally Helgesen shares much surprising and invaluable insight on how to both identify and overcome the unintentional behaviors that unnecessarily impede our progress.