Our Greatest Business CHALLENGE….

FACT: Like never before, workers are miserable, disengaged and under-performing in their jobs. Job satisfaction – across the globe – has reached all-time lows. Attracting (and retaining) high achievers is harder than ever.

The Leadership MYTH

For decades, we’ve thought that we must be hyper-focused on execution and “making our numbers.” But this narrow focus is exactly what got us into trouble in the first place.

If your focus is on EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT, you’re aiming WAY TOO LOW

In these uncertain times, what every leader wants and needs is for their people to do truly extraordinary work. And Mark C. Crowley can help you shift your focus to what really matters to your organization: employee commitment, initiative – and sustainable high performance.

Mark has spent his 25+ year career answering the question:

What happens inside of people to make them so committed
to doing extraordinary work?”

And he wants to share the answer with as many companies as he can. Hint: It isn’t a hyper-focus on execution and making your numbers. Instead, Mark will show you that by helping people to grow, contribute and become maximized in their potential– you’ll be rewarded with truly uncommon productivity.


As SVP of one of America’s largest financial institutions, in the dog-eat-dog world of financial services where numbers matter most and people matter least, Mark used the opposite approach to typical leadership practices as he led his division to all-time record sales and profits. He was named Leader of the Year because his teams routinely excelled and scaled mountains for him. One bank region he managed was the highest performing in the organization for three consecutive years.

How can YOUR COMPANY get those RESULTS?

In this age of disengagement and uncertainty, trying to motivate performance by micro-managing and exclusively focusing on production doesn’t work. Mark’s people achieved at remarkable levels because their leader paid attention to their emotional needs. He made sure they knew their work mattered. And now, studies have proven (while businesses have steadily ignored) that feelings & emotions drive human achievement – not pay, or fear…as we’ve always believed.

Most of the ways organizations are trying to drive engagement are failing because they don’t have a disciplined approach to managing the emotional side of work.

While we’ve always been directed to keep ‘business’ and ‘personal’ separate, here’s the real truth: If you want exceptional results from people who work for you, you need to make a personal connection with them. Otherwise, employees lose interest and ultimately leave. Or even worse, they lose heart and affect your bottom line.

A hyper-focus on PEOPLE

Instead of intensively tracking your numbers, achieve your desired business results by turning your people and teams into high achievers. High achievers are highly engaged. And behind every extraordinary result and employee breakthrough is a leader who encouraged it. Mark will show you how to be that leader. He will help you find the potential hidden in your people…and more importantly…give you ways to unlock it.

A Mark C. Crowley Presentation

Mark is a compelling and instinctively humorous speaker who has thrived and survived over two decades of what many consider the most highly competitive of industries. Through stories told in his self-deprecating and very engaging style, he will show you and your organization:


  • Why your hyper-focus on execution is keeping your teams from high performance.
  • How to shift Your Focus from Execution and Numbers to Achievements (that will blow your numbers away).
  • Four Things Leaders Can Do that will inspire their people and teams to Scale Mountains.
  • How Google, Starbucks and other consistently High-Performing Companies are Doing to Grow and KEEP their High Achievers (and why you should start!).


Mark’s mission is to change the way we lead with a far more effective & sustainable way of motivating employees to commit in their jobs, develop and achieve beyond what even they think is possible.

He’s also available for consulting should you desire a deeper, collaborative approach to transforming your workforce.

For speaking inquiries, please contact: [email protected] or call 1-866-727-7555

His most recent speaking clients include The Global YPO Leadership Conference, Lincoln Healthcare and Yahoo!’s Executive Management team.