Who You Choose For A Speaker Will Likely Determine The Success Of Your Entire Meeting!

There’s simply no question that the performance of a conference speaker plays a huge role in determining whether a meeting is judged a success. So who gets selected must deliver the goods.

It’s not uncommon for organizations to set very high expectations for a speaker – simply because so much is at stake. So here are five compelling reasons choosing Mark C. Crowley will produce the outcomes you need & desire.

Mark Is A Real Leader, Not An Academic Or Theorist

Audiences are quick to judge whether a speaker is street-smart & credible, and instinctively ask themselves whether that person has ever worked in the real world, and can relate to their day-to-day experience.

Mark is able to build immediate trust and rapport with his audiences simply because they can feel he’s an authentic human being with an impressive background of leadership responsibility backing him up. Over a 20+ year career, he worked his way up from a management trainee to two national level positions in one of America’s largest financial institutions. His leadership assignments were broad, deep & challenging – & his company named him “Leader of the Year.” His knowledge, experience & sustained success all make him an expert – and audiences feel it.

Mark’s Message Is Innovative & Predicated On State-Of-The-Art Research

One of the greatest challenges in business today, as everyone knows, is finding sustainable ways of engaging employees, building their loyalty & driving an expanded bottom-line – all at the same time.

We’re at a point in history when job satisfaction & employee engagement have reached historic lows, and the principal reason why these statistics aren’t improving is because we’re still relying on Twentieth Century methods to motivate Twenty-first Century workers.

What Mark brings to his audiences is a blueprint for leadership excellence. His methods aren’t only validated by his years of experience in influencing teams to scale mountains – they’re backed by stunning new medical & scientific discoveries that essentially pave the way for a modern-day approach to motivating people in their jobs.

When some people hear the title of Mark’s book, “Lead From The Heart,” they initially feel apprehensive. Because of that word, “heart,” they have an inner concern that his message might be soft, religious or just not a fit for business.  What these people don’t understand is that it’s the human heart that actually plays the greatest role in driving human behavior – and the groundbreaking science behind it is what every manager needs to know in order to more effectively lead and influence their people.

When people who’ve worked for Mark have been asked to pick one word to describe him as a manager, they often use the word “demanding.”  What Mark learned in his career is that by caring greatly about people they’re inherently able to achieve at much higher levels.  Said another way, Leading from the heart isn’t a feel good strategy; it’s about how leaders can drive sustainably greater performance.

Mark Is A Cutting-Edge Thought Leader

When Mark first published his book, he had no platform. The only people who really knew him were former colleagues. But now, he’s found a highly interested audience. Fast Company Magazine has published over 25 of his articles – with several being the most read on their global site. His recent LinkedIn articles on managing millennials & reversing the engagement slide have been read well over 1 million times.

His book is being taught at four American Universities, & he gave the commencement address at Brandman University’s Education Ph.D program this fall. Now with over 130,000 Twitter followers, Mark has forged deep connections with top executives at Gallup, Google, SAS, The Conference Board, the Institute of HeartMath & many others. Right before her company was sold to Verizon, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer invited Mark to speak to her top managers from around the world.

Mark Is Inspirational & Will Move Your Audience

Sitting through a lecture – no matter how filled it is with great information – will dull the spirits of people who are out of the office for a few days & hoping to return to their jobs with new inspiration & motivation. So Mark shares stories – his experiences during a truly inhumane upbringing that would go on to profoundly shape how he would go on to lead people in business. His uncommon openness often draws tears, but its real value comes from the impact & connection he’s able to make with his audience.

Your Audience Will Return To Their Jobs Armed With Ideas They Can Put To Immediate Use

It’s safe to say that many people attending meetings & conferences return to their work with greater enthusiasm, but later go on to do things differently tied to anything they hear & “learn.” To remedy this, Mark intentionally teaches his audience what a fantastic Twenty-first Century leader looks like – how they think, what motivates their behavior & what unique managerial practices they employ. He also insists upon holding a formal Q & A session following his presentation. The goal & outcome of this extra 15+ minutes is that attendees get to ask questions related to their own personal leadership experience: Their challenges, their people, their need for clarification. It’s a powerful way of instilling a truly deep understanding of all they’ve just heard.

Mark’s mission is to help organizations profoundly improve how they lead — in ways that will yield unimaginable performance improvement. He also happens to be quite a good speaker.

If you would like to speak to him directly to discuss the unique needs of your special meeting, or to discuss his availability, please call him at 858-456-2779. You can also email his office at, Info@MarkCCrowley.com

Or contact his agent, Derek Sweeney:

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Mark gave the commencement speech at Colorado Technical University’s Masters & Ph.D graduation ceremony. Here’s an excerpt from the subsequent Q & A Session: