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Golden Globe Awards LogAfter watching the Golden Globes on TV last Sunday, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it.  Apparently, my subconscious believed the show should be the subject of a blog post and found a way of jostling me into alertness.

Always one to listen to my inner voice, I came to realize in the daylight that the Hollywood Foreign Press did some brilliant things to ensure the full power of its recognition was bestowed upon its awardees.  But they also did some things that unnecessarily undermined their effectiveness.

I want to make brief note of both.

Once a year, the Golden Globes are presented to television and film’s best writers, directors, actors and actresses, and the winners almost always have done truly exceptional work to earn the award.  It’s clear in the faces of these people that this recognition is extremely meaningful and that virtually all of them aspire to earn a Golden Globe though their work.

(Before you proceed, please begin thinking about your employees and how hard they work in order to earn your praise and approval.  There’s a parallel here).

This year’s host, comedian, Ricky Gervais, opened the ceremony with these words:

“Tonight you get Britain’s biggest comedian, hosting the world’s second biggest awards show, on America’s third biggest network… Sorry, fourth.”

As he said these things, we could see the audience wince.  Why?  Let’s dissect what he said.

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