Our Traditional Ways Of Managing People In The Workplace Are Failing….

Virtually every major research organization studying employee job satisfaction and engagement across the world believes we’ve reached a crisis in workplace leadership.

The Conference Board has announced that over half of all people today are unhappy in their jobs. Gallup’s ongoing 27-year Global Workplace Study shows that employees feel worse about their work, bosses and companies than ever before.

As for engagement, Gallup recently revealed that only 29% of all American workers admit to being “willing to do everything they can to help their companies and bosses succeed.” The remaining 71% are either “doing just enough to collect a paycheck,” or, perversely, “intentionally working against their company’s best interests.

And, as hard as it may be to imagine, outside of the US, the discontent is even worse.

Noting that worker satisfaction has been on a steep and steady decline for over a generation, all the best minds in business have had plenty of time to find a cure. So, why is it that no one’s yet found a meaningful and sustainable way of winning back the loyalty and full commitment from all these disaffected people?

In his groundbreaking book, former financial services industry senior executive, Mark C. Crowley, shows us it’s because the solution contradicts one of the most widely accepted and longest-enduring paradigms in business: The path to engaging workers is not through minds but through hearts.

A New Model Of Leadership Is Required For The 21st Century….

It’s an age-old axiom that workplace managers should never bring the heart into leadership. Our collective assumption is that it’s an inherently soft and weak approach – guaranteed to drive down productivity and profit.

But new medical and scientific discoveries upend all of these long-accepted beliefs. We now know that feelings and emotions have a profound influence on what human beings care most about and commit themselves to in their lives.

Consequently, leadership practices that have the effect of making people feel valued, supported, developed, and appreciated by their leaders– naturally and instinctively inspire them to perform at truly uncommon levels.

Companies like the Four Seasons Hotels, Starbucks, SAS and Google are amongst the first to recognize that caring for and supporting their people is simply good business. And by leading with a greater balance of mind and heart, they’ve achieved market leading profitability and shareholder returns.

As Mark C. Crowley shows us in his eminently readable and persuasive book, we’ve seen centuries of evidence of what the heart can do in sports, art and music. Business is next!

If you would like to read the reviews of Lead From The Heart, or purchase copies, this link takes you directly to Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1txHgqL

*** Lead From The Heart is now being taught in leadership and entrepreneurship classes at both Northern Arizona University and Embry-Riddle University.