Bestselling Author & Global Speaker on Leadership In The Post-Pandemic Era


In my 25 years guiding individuals and teams to achieving record-breaking sales and profitability performance in the dog-eat-dog financial services industry, I focused my leadership on the most authentic driver of human engagement there is — emotional connection. Entirely out-of-step with my peers, I demonstrated to every person that I cared about them, valued them and trusted them. I invested time in discovering who they were, what unique life challenges they faced and what career aspirations they sought to achieve. And by making an authentic commitment to helping them fulfill their own dreams of work, I effectively inspired them to achieve remarkable and sustainable performance.

Most importantly, I discovered that no matter what business unit people were in, what generation they were a part of, or what level of education they had attained — everyone responded the exact same way. They excelled and routinely exceeded expectations.

When I address global audiences, I present the now proven case that the most successful way of motivating human beings in the workplace is to positively affect their hearts. Sure, we pride ourselves on being highly rational beings, but emerging science proves our choices and decisions — not to mention our engagement, commitment and loyalty at work — are far more often driven by feelings and emotions. Consequently, how managers make their employees feel has the most profound influence on whether their teams produce at mediocre levels – or excel.

All of this represents a new paradigm in human development and workplace leadership. It’s based upon groundbreaking research which shows the human heart and brain literally work together in affecting motivation and behavior. And because I have successfully led people my entire life tied to this knowledge, I speak from long and direct experience rather than theory. 

 In 2018, I launched my “Lead From The Heart” podcast, which showcases world-class authors, innovators, CEOs and other top thinkers whose work inherently adds unique support, validation & dimension to my leadership philosophy. The podcast has attracted a listening audience in 175 countries and now ranks in the top 1.5 % of all worldwide podcasts according to “ListenNotes.” Luminary guests have included Daniel Pink, Robert Waldinger, ED Catmull, Marcus Buckingham, Amy C. Edmondson, Frances Frei, Gary Hamel, Hubert Joly, Maria Konnikova, Erik Larson, Dan Cable, Katy Milkman, Safi Bahcall, Marshall Goldsmith, Alex Edmans, Hubert Joly, Herminia Ibarra, Marc Brackett, & David Rosenstein. I’m also a member of the Marshall Goldsmith “100 Coaches” leadership community.

My work as a Future of Work speaker, and organizational culture consultant, has opened the door of engagement with over 141,000 connections on Twitter – and once again shows how deeply people hunger for more caring, supportive and humane leadership. If anything, the COVID pandemic (not to mention the “Great Resignation”) has taught us that rigid, commanding and untrusting management no longer holds up. And in a new age of virtual work, it’s even more essential that managers acquire a new skillset, and the ability to effectively connect with employees remotely while concomitantly driving great performance.

In a nut shell, the world of work has permanently changed, and I have the unique know-how to help managers transform their leadership skills. I look forward to sharing my strategies, science and heart with your organization!


In the service of organizations and leaders everywhere, Mark has one singular mission as a speaker — to share the critical leadership practices that affect people so deeply that they become uncommonly loyal, committed, and productive. 





“Your kick-off presentation contributed to our conference theme perfectly. Your presentation gave our members tools to improve their leadership and impact their business immediately after the conference.”

— Joel G. Carson, Executive Director, Geoprofessional Business Association

Mark gave a thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking talk, which received an incredibly positive reaction from the attendees. It validated my approach to people management & leadership and gave me huge confidence in the benefits of managing people in this way. Both for them as individuals, and the business.”

Jamie Marsden, Head of Environmental Engineering & Facilities UK, MBDA

“Mark C. Crowley combines both the heart and the mind – making him an extremely effective leader.”

—James McCraw, Vice President, Senior Lending Manager, JP Morgan Chase

“Mark Crowley is one the finest leaders I have ever met. He possesses all the usual qualities of a true leader – focused, inspiring, thought-provoking, motivating and true to his word. But what makes Mark’s leadership style so unique, is his unwavering ability to lead from the heart.”

— Keely Minton, Vice President, Senior Marketing Manager, UnionBanc Investment Services