Mark wrote “Lead From The Heart” to teach leaders everything he learned about turning teams into company-best performers in good times and bad.

Now, he’s excited to partner with Get Lighthouse, Inc. in launching a super-actionable (and affordable) 12-lesson course that will elevate your manager’s performance.

The “Lead From The Heart” Course:

Learn Step-by-Step How to Build a High-Performing Team & Culture

Building on the success of the second edition of Mark C. Crowley’s bestselling book, the “Lead From The Heart” Course is a cutting-edge training program that teaches managers how to lead with a balance of mind and heart to fully transform the performance of their teams.

The course helps you improve your organization’s culture and leadership practices top to bottom to bring out everyone’s best. It features Mark’s proven and most practical advice, and the expertise of many of the best leaders and workplace researchers today.

Practical Advice From The Heart

In Mark’s 25 years guiding individuals and teams to achieving record-breaking sales, profitability, and performance in the financial services industry, he focused his leadership on the most effective driver of human engagement there is — emotional connection.

Gone are the days of bossing people around, or using veiled threats and micromanagement to control one’s team. To navigate today’s challenges — and to build a truly engaged & passionate team — managers must win the trust and respect of their team members while also inspiring them to believe in and trust each other. Achieving this requires uncommon knowledge and understanding — all of which forms the basis of this course.

Mark wrote “Lead From The Heart” to teach leaders everything he learned about turning teams into company-best performers in good times and bad. Now, he’s excited to partner with Get Lighthouse, Inc. to launch a super-actionable (and affordable) 12-lesson course that will elevate your manager’s performance.

In an era where workers around the world are quitting bad bosses (and companies) this program will teach your leaders the skills they must master to retain their best talent. People want to work for managers who care about them, advocate for them, coach them, trust them, appreciate them, and know them personally. And this course uniquely teaches managers how to become exactly that kind of leader.

Gartner research shows that reducing workforce turnover is one of the top priorities for most companies today. Given that we know managers account for 70% of the reasons people choose to stay or go, improving your managers is the highest impact investment an organization can make. Consequently, there’s never been a more critical time for your managers to learn how to lead in ways that connect with, motivate, and bring out the best in their teams.

In the post-pandemic world we now live in, people are beating a path to work for managers who intentionally lead with mind and heart. That’s why this class is so essential to your organization’s long-term success.

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What your managers will learn in 12 highly actionable, bite-sized lessons:

How to inspire & sustainably lead a high-achieving team.

Why managers must “Know Thyself” before successfully managing others
How to foster connection, collaboration, and trust within a diverse group
The science which proves the heart and mind work together in influencing human behavior

Why feelings & emotions drive employee engagement

The keys to attracting a great team and hiring from the heart
How to give coaching with impact; one of the most essential managerial practices today

How a displays of empathy & compassion deeply impact employee trust, respect & loyalty

Mark’s favorite (low cost!) way to motivate teams

How “The Lead From The Heart” Course Works:

Built on the principles of spaced and active learning, the “Lead From The Heart” course is the most efficient, effective way to train your managers in a way they’ll actually remember the lessons and put them into practice.

The program works in 2 parts that combine to transform your leaders and your company’s culture:

1. Weekly, High-Impact Individual Lessons

Once a week for 12 weeks, your leaders receive highly actionable, 20 minute lessons directly via email. No new logins to learn, web conferencing dial-ins to coordinate, nor approvals needed with IT.

Each lesson teaches a key concept related to leading from the heart, including excerpts from Mark’s book, his best podcast interviews, and other high quality, curated sources and materials.

Lessons end with a key action for your managers to take so they immediately see how to apply it to their teams, and the impact it can have. Your managers see and feel progress every week of the program instead of having to wait for the program to complete to start applying it.

Best of all, each lesson includes curated further reading materials including posts, book chapters, podcast episodes, and videos, so your managers can go deeper on any concepts they’re most interested in.

2. Group Discussions to Build Bonds & Support Each Other

Learning together is always better, which is why each lesson has a companion discussion agenda, so that your participating managers can meet in small groups of 4-8 to discuss each lesson.

Managers who participate in these discussions report feeling energized after the meetings, and build invaluable bonds with their peers. They also give and receive helpful advice to one another that will help reinforce your culture, and create a supportive environment most of your leaders are sorely lacking.

Even skeptical leaders have reported to us that their minds were changed after just a few weeks of these group meetings. Many managers even told us they looked forward to the meetings as a highlight of their week.

The group discussions, combined with the weekly lessons and actions, create an ideal learning environment for your managers to develop a deep understanding of the nuance of leading from the heart in a way that resonates with any learning style.

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What leaders are saying about the Lead from the Heart Course:

“As a manager of people, I found the Lead From The Heart training to be extremely comprehensive. It didn’t just teach me how to support the day-to-day needs of my people; it taught me how to genuinely connect with them in order to maximize their skill sets, and ultimately, the joy they each derive from their jobs.

I now have a roadmap for how I can properly navigate the ups and downs of leading and managing people — and that is a powerful driver of ensuring my future success to say the least.”

Ben Sullivan, CFA®, CFP ®
Vice President, AE Wealth Management

“[The “Lead From The Heart” Course] was the perfect mixture of simplicity, insights, guidance, and expertise…at the perfect dosage (weekly).

I also loved the additional resources you curated for the program via books, videos, podcasts, and more, so that I had additional paths to continue learning about what you were teaching me.

I have enrolled in other leadership programs, and this one stood out as the most helpful and actionable in helping me navigate the unique challenges of leadership roles.”

~ Daniel Mecha Garcia, Section Lead Infrastructure Reliability Engineering at Roche

“At first I was a bit skeptical about my team leaders and I meeting each week to discuss these lessons. However, after just a few weeks, I saw them as essential to the ongoing discussion about transforming our culture to lead from the heart.

Our leaders were excited to have a dedicated time to discuss their challenges. Seeing how everyone supported each other was also a powerful way to deepen everyone’s learning and help them rapidly grow and improve as leaders.”

~ Chris Radford, President of Advisors Excel Wealth Management

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