Brad Stulberg: Remaining Grounded When The Future Is Uncertain

As we near the two-year anniversary of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the occasion merits some acknowledgment. The stress, strain, fear & ambiguity we’ve all endured as a result of this ordeal is truly incomparable to any other time in our lives.

And even more remarkable is the fact that, no matter where people live in the world, we’ve all had the exact same experience.

You may have noticed during this time of great uncertainty that some people appear to be at their wits’ end as a new virus variant appears – & the prospect of a return to normal life is once again snuffed out. We’re seeing more displays of disagreeableness, argumentativeness & anger in society – and all of this confrontational behavior reflects people who’ve grown unable to cope with life as it is today. They simply don’t know what to do with their feelings & are acting out.

But something else is true. There are also people who have handled the challenges of the pandemic masterfully. They don’t become unmoored by every news report, they’re not drawn into petty arguments & they routinely manage their emotions successfully. What these people are is grounded. They have a deeper connection to their authentic selves which allows them to remain centered & balanced regardless of what the universe throws their way – & they see the big picture which is that our perceived control over life’s outcomes
has always been an illusion.

This episode is devoted to better understanding the mindset, tools & practices of people who are deeply grounded – essential knowledge
for life & leadership. And our guest is Brad Stulberg, author of the new bestseller, The Practice of Groundedness.

To be grounded is to possess a firm & unwavering foundation, a resolute sense of self from which deep & enduring success can flow. It’s the ideal state-of-being from which to operate in the world, & the focus of our entire conversation is on how you can attain it.

PS: In the podcast, Mark mentions a new article he wrote for Fast Company Magazine. Here’s the link to it:

By Mark C. Crowley

Mark C. Crowley is the author of Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century which has been taught in 11 American universities. He is a global speaker, leadership consultant and thought leader on the topics of workplace culture and employee engagement.