Harvard Business School professor, Amy Edmondson, is one of the world’s top experts on building highly cohesive, cooperative and productive teams.

And much of her expertise comes from her decades of research into “Psychological Safety,” recently confirmed by Google to be the single most important quality found in all super-achieving groups.

Simply put, psychological safety means that people work in environments where they feel comfortable expressing & being themselves. They know they can speak up without fear of being humiliated, ignored or blamed – & it’s because their leaders fully accept that fostering this kind of workplace promotes exceptional performance.

Today’s Harvard MBA students are not only learning the profound importance of psychological safety in leadership, but also the most effective ways of building it into their overall management philosophy.

The good news for those of us who don’t attend Harvard is that Dr. Edmondson shares many of her same remarkable insights on this podcast – a discussion that’s focused on her best-selling new book, “The Fearless Organization – Creating Psychological Safety In The Workplace For Learning, Innovation & Growth.”

If your goal is to manage teams that routinely & repeatedly excel, Amy Edmondson has the formula you’ll want to follow.

As of February 2023, this is the #1 most downloaded episode of the podcast series.

By Mark C. Crowley

Mark C. Crowley is the author of Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century which has been taught in 11 American universities. He is a global speaker, leadership consultant and thought leader on the topics of workplace culture and employee engagement.