Francesca Gino: Why It Pays To Break The Rules In Life, Work & Leadership

Hear the word “rebel” & we immediately think of troublemakers & outcasts – people who end up with bad reputations for being non-conformists.

But after a decade of studying rebels (especially rebel leaders), Harvard Business School Professor, Francesca Gino says we’ve got it all wrong.

In her New York Times bestselling book, “Rebel Talent: Why It Pays To Break The Rules At Work & In Life,” Gino says that “rebels prove to be the masters of innovation & reinvention. They’re the ones who change the world for the better with their unconventional outlooks. Instead of clinging to what is safe & familiar –  & falling back on routines & tradition – rebels excel by challenging the status-quo.”

Sharing a remarkable list of real-world examples, Francesca Gino explains why breaking rules enriches every aspect of our lives. And she saves her best insights for leadership – and why it’s irrefutable that the most successful, innovative & admired managers around the world are intentionally “Rebel Leaders.”

By Mark C. Crowley

Mark C. Crowley is the author of Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century which has been taught in 11 American universities. He is a global speaker, leadership consultant and thought leader on the topics of workplace culture and employee engagement.