Join My Tribe! (And Reasons Why I Have A Tribe If You Already Joined).

November 03, 2011

Cover Artwork For Seth Godin's Book TribesI tend to have a metaphysical attitude about the books I read – I believe they’re put in front of me just when I need their specific information in my life.  Whether you agree or disagree that the universe conspires to help you this way, I recently came across a book that reinforces my conviction.

When I’d finished writing, Lead From The Heart, I began thinking about how I could engage people in further discussion around its ideas.  Entirely new to social media, I signed up for Facebook and Twitter and began researching how other authors used them.  Not surprising (at least to me), the first tweet I read was from the CEO of a well-known book publisher.  His message: “If you’re a new author, make sure you read a book called Tribes, by Seth Godin.”

Believing this was a message intended especially for me, I found the book and read it in one sitting.

Here’s what Godin told me“There’s a tribe of fellow believers or readers just waiting for a leader to connect them to one another and lead them where they want to go.  There is an opportunity to assemble a tribe – a group of like-minded people – and lead it.  The new highly leveraged tools of the Net make it easier than ever to create a movement, to make things happen, to get things done. All that is missing is leadership.”

Godin believes that people are yearning for change, relish being part of a meaningful community and deeply want to talk about things that are remarkable – not boring.

Reading this book, I was deeply inspired.

I know it’s my purpose to be a voice of change in how we lead people in the American workplace.   It’s my belief that valuing, developing and honoring the people we lead is a catalyst for high engagement and productivity, and that our old ways of managing are entirely destructive to people and to business.   These remain heretical ideas in a lot of companies.

What Godin has motivated me to do is to become the leader of a tribe of people who share the belief that leading more from the heart is entirely appropriate – not soft, sentimental or even detrimental to profit.

And so I’m looking for people to join me.   If this idea excites you, my pledge is to routinely stimulate the discussion and to ensure your great ideas about leading from the heart in business are shared within our tribe.  I invite you to join our movement and encourage you to invite others.

Together, I believe we can influence a major and profound change in business – and that’s the idea.

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By Mark C. Crowley

Mark C. Crowley is the author of Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century which has been taught in 11 American universities. He is a global speaker, leadership consultant and thought leader on the topics of workplace culture and employee engagement.